Newsletter for 11/2/18

December is Coming …

I’m super excited to announce an awesome project I’m part of this coming holiday season. 12 amazing mpreg authors (including me!!) are publishing a series of books throughout the beginning of December in a shared world called Vale Valley. We’re each writing our own stories, but they’re all set in the same small town and will have cameos by characters from other books! I’m so excited for the whole thing to kick off on December 1st!

My book will be the fifth one and is my first MMM story. If you’re like me, and you love holiday-themed stories, this is something to look forward to. Five Gold Rings: A Vale Valley Winter Romance has all kinds of wintery things going on.

I have a draft of the blurb for you today, as well as the cover. So scroll down to check it out – then keep going to find some awesome new releases by two of my fave mpreg authors.

A young couple–Chris, a beta, and Jason, an omega–come upon a small, snowy town that seems too magical to be true. Is it just the snow and the Christmas season that makes them feel like anything is possible? Or does that feeling really come from inside them as they come to the realization that there’s nothing holding them back from a relationship they never could have imagined in their wildest dreams?

Rafe Montgomery has been single for over five years. He lives with his daughter, Grace, and some staff in his enormous mansion in the woods. As much as he tries to give everything to Grace, he still can’t give her the comfort and security that comes with having both an alpha daddy and an omega daddy. But he’s sworn off love after losing his cherished mate in an accident. When he sees Chris and Jason he’s struck by something he doesn’t understand, but soon realizes that the three of them fit together in a beautiful relationship he’d never even considered.

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Saddled with debt and a crippling self-esteem, Professor Ian McMillan has struggled for decades with his demons. But that isn’t his biggest secret—seven years ago, he spent his heat with an alpha he shouldn’t have… his student.
Welcome to Diamond Falls, a small town with big secrets. Join the Gemstone Guardians as they learn to work together, harness their powers, and find love with their true mates.
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