His Steamy Summer: Portville Summer Series Book 1

Can love really heal all wounds?

A recent tragedy has taken almost everything from Nate and left him feeling empty and alone. 
His parents are gone, he has no home and no money, and he’s lost part of his leg in a boating accident. 
Being with Brian, Nate’s childhood best friend and crush, feels like home, like his life before he lost everything.
But Nate is worried that things are too different between them now and that Brian won’t want him when he finds out about his injury.

Brian regrets not having made a move when Nate’s parents moved the family away during their sophomore year in high school. 
The kiss that never happened between them has haunted Brian for years. 
When he sees Nate again he realizes he’s been given another chance with the love of his life, and he’s not going to blow it this time. 

Can Brian convince Nate of his love?
Can that love give Nate his life back? 
Is it possible for two boys who knew each other as childhood best friends to come together as men and find that they really were meant to be together all along? 

His Steamy Summer is a childhood crush/second chance romance of 30k words. 

It includes some tragedy and angst, a lot of feels, some incredibly hot sex and male pregnancy, and the kind of disgustingly optimistic HEA you’ve come to expect from Xander Collins.