The Dark Side

Welcome to the Dark Side of Portville

This page contains dark, taboo subject matter and is intended for open-minded adults over the age of 18

X. Collins is the taboo alter ego of Xander Collins. 

X. Collins writes about the dark side of the Portville Omegaverse, a place where your most taboo fantasies come true. 

The subject matter of each story can include family relations, non-con and dub-con activities, as well as hardcore group acts, all within an mpreg and non-shifter omegaverse setting. 

The books in this series are not romance novels. Relationships are explored, but the focus is more on the erotic nature of the events and the emotions and thoughts behind them.

Because of the sensitive, taboo subject matter, the books in this series are currently only available on Smashwords. 

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Impregnated by My Brother Series

Alpha Twincest Series