Greg: Meat Packer – Meat Market Book One


Welcome to Meat Market
Where packing meat is an art form.

I work hard at the meatpacking plant, so I figure I deserve to play hard at night.
Especially since my ex won’t even return my calls.
Yeah, I’ve been hitting the bottle a lot more lately and going home with random dudes almost every night,
but I need to let off some steam, and this is the only way I know how. 
Until this cop shows up in my life.
When I’m with Wilson I don’t know which end is up,
and if you wanna know the truth …
I think he really likes me that way.

I love bringing huge, hulking men to their knees … 
when I’m at work as a cop and in the privacy of my own bedroom.
When this Greg guy comes wandering into the precinct I see something in his eyes,
something that tells me what he needs most is a good, hard paddling. 
Now I just need to convince Greg he’s man enough to get down on his knees …
and take every inch of what I have to give him. 

Greg: Meat Packer is a standalone romance novel. It is the first book in the Meat Market non-shifter omegaverse series and includes loads of hot bad boys, plenty of intense hook-ups that will keep you up at night, and a sweet HEA between two gruff alphas.