Steve: Sausage Stuffer – Meat Market Book Two


Welcome to Meat Market
Where pain and pleasure are taken to a whole new level.

Most people know me as the sausage stuffer. 
I’ve worked at the meatpacking plant for years, and I’ve perfected my technique. 
No one else can pack the sausages as tight, or shape them as perfectly as I do.
No one can even come close.
But that’s not my only job.
At night, I work the stage at Meat Market, and I specialize there too. 
I take all the hardcore stuff, things most guys won’t even touch.
If it’s pain and torture you’re after? I’m your man.
But don’t come crying to me if it’s too much for you to handle.
It’s not my job to care.

I just want my life to go back to normal…
but I’m trapped.
This place isn’t as bad as where I was being held… where I was being tortured.
I’m under protective custody now, but I don’t want to be here.
I want to be hooking up with a stranger, and I want to let him take his anger out on my body.
I can’t stop myself from sneaking out every night, risking my life just to get off, and that scares me. 
But the thing that scares me the most is how much I miss it … the torture, and the degradation, and the pain. 
The way I felt when I was kidnapped and my life was taken away from me.
And there’s only person who can give me that feeling again … they guy on stage at Meat Market. 
The one who never takes no for an answer. 

Steve: Sausage Stuffer is a standalone romance novel. It is the second book in the Meat Market non-shifter omegaverse series and includes loads of hot bad boys, plenty of intense hook-ups that will keep you up at night, and a sweet HEA that you won’t expect from two dark souls.