Disciplined by My Brother


Disciplined by My Brother is book 2 in the Taboo Mpreg series by X. Collins. It can be read as a standalone but is much better being read after book 1, Punished by My Brother. 

James and Grant are brothers with a very secret relationship. A relationship not many people would understand.

James stays at home and takes care of the house where the two of them live, while Grant works as Chief of Police in downtown Portville. 

James is also four months pregnant, and his brother Grant is the father of the baby.

Grant comes home every night and takes James to the basement and uses him—torturing, controlling, and rewarding his brother by giving him the release he craves. 

Grant has rules for James to follow, but sometimes James can’t help but mess up. And when he does, he gets taken to the sub-basement of the police station and is given a punishment he’ll never forget by Grant and his friends.

Disciplined by My Brother is the second book in the Impregnated by My Brother series by X. Collins. 

The stories in this series are written in serial format, so it is best to read each book in order. 

It includes blood incest and pregnancy between brothers, and a gang bang that involves a pregnant man. It also includes punishment, humiliation, knotting, and a mention of non-con scenarios. 

It has some romantic themes but is not a romance story.