Locked Up by My Brother

Locked Up by My Brother is part three of the Impregnated by My Brother Series. 

James and Grant are brothers with a very secret relationship. A relationship not many people would understand.

James stays at home and takes care of the house where the two of them live, while Grant works as Chief of Police in downtown Portville. 

But James has been bad. 

His brother told him never to touch himself or give himself pleasure when he’s home alone. James thinks that’s easier said than done, especially since he’s two weeks from his due date and has hormones pumping through his body that make him horny all day and night.

When Grant finds out James has disobeyed him he locks James up in a chastity device. When James still doesn’t stop pleasuring himself Grant decides to punish him more severely—with a milking machine and more orgasms than James can count. 

Locked Up by My Brother is the third book in the Impregnated by My Brother series by X. Collins. 

The stories in this series are written in serial format, so it is best to read each book in order. 

This story includes blood incest and pregnancy between brothers, as well as sexual activity involving a pregnant man. It also includes punishment, humiliation, the use of a chastity device, and a mention of non-con scenarios. 

It has some romantic themes but is not a romance story.