His Secret Summer: Portville Summer Series Book 3

Shane has a secret.

He likes to be bad.
He spends the little free time he has searching online for guys he can hook up with in men’s bathrooms.
The hookups are hot, but they never give him what he desperately craves …
a deep connection … and a baby.

Austin has a secret too.

He also meets men for no-strings hookups. 
But he’s the professor at Portville State University and would lose his job if anyone found out. 
He’s careful to meet men far from Portville, so no one recognizes him.

But one night Austin realizes he hasn’t been careful enough. 

He finds out the young man in the stall next to him, the one he just used through a glory hole, was one of his students.

Austin knows he’s the one that’s screwed now.

His Steamy Summer is a forbidden, student/teacher, Dom/sub romance of 30k words. 

It includes some men’s room sex, kinky D/s activities, male pregnancy that leads to the birth of a baby, and the kind of disgustingly optimistic HEA you’ve come to expect from Xander Collins.