Alpha Twincest: The Complete Series

Alpha Twincest Book 1:

Brock is a man who knows how to do things in secret. He transfers prisoners all around the country and moves them into the underground subbasement he and his buddies use as a sex dungeon in the basement of a police station.

No one but his buddies knows about the subbasement, or the things they do down in the damp, dark cells to the prisoners in order to keep them in line. No one hears the screams of the packs of omegas who beg to be relieved of their heat, or the alphas who are chained up and used against their will.

Holden is being transferred to another prison. No one has told him where he’s going or why he’s being moved. He travels for days with a hood over his head and his hands cuffed behind him, and it isn’t until he’s brought two stories below ground that he finds out who brought him here.

His twin brother Brock.

Holden hasn’t seen Brock in ten years, and he knows how angry Brock is after what he did to him. And by the look in Brock’s eyes, Holden knows he’s about to be punished like he’s never been punished in his life.

Alpha Twincest Book 2:

Brock has his twin brother Holden exactly where he wants him—locked inside a cage with a horde of desperate omegas using his body twenty-four hours a day.

Brock wants to make Holden pay for what happened in the past, but Brock still doesn’t understand why his brother did the things he did.

Holden is in agony from being milked for three days straight, but he doesn’t care. He’d rather be his brother’s prisoner than go back out into the real world where he’d probably be killed.

But that’s not the only reason he will put up with all of the torture and torment Brock puts him through. He does it because he had always dreamed of belonging to his brother, of being controlled by him.

But Holden isn’t prepared for his brother’s reaction when he finally tells him what he has always wanted from him.

Alpha Twincest Book 3:

Brock has promoted his twin brother Holden to manage some of the alpha prisoners as they work on the new underground BDSM club, The Dungeon. Holden has been given a lot of freedom, but he’s still Brock’s prisoner and must do as he’s told.

Even if that includes being used and humiliated by the very alphas he’s been put in charge of.

Alpha Twincest: The Complete Series contains blood incest between twin brothers, non-consensual sex slavery, sexual punishment, humiliation, and degradation, sexual prisoners, and implements of sexual torture. Reader discretion is advised.