Sugar Daddy Book 1


Jeff Avery was forced to move away from his son when Kyle was ten years old. He had to keep a dark secret that he knew would humiliate him, and couldn’t take that chance.

Now that Kyle is nineteen, and in college, he’s old enough to know the truth about his father. But Jeff doesn’t dare tell him everything. Especially the things he fantasizes about doing to his own son.

Kyle has wanted someone to take care of him for a long time. He has no direction in life and feels unworthy of his father’s love.

When he finally sees his dad after so many years he’s thrilled, but also scared because he has thoughts and feelings he can’t control. He fantasizes about taking his own father down his throat, even though he knows how wrong that is.

Jeff and Kyle both have secret desires. Dark ones they’re both ashamed of.

Can Jeff take care of Kyle the way he needs him to?

And can Kyle take every inch of what his own father has to give him?

Sugar Daddy Book 1 is the first part of a three-part taboo mpreg series that involves blood incest, BDSM, male pregnancy, scenes with mention of non-consensual sex, and sexual torture.

It has romantic themes but is not a romance.