Sugar Daddy Book 2


After being hauled off to jail for getting caught with his son, Jeff Avery vows to change.

He wants Kyle to be safe and happy. He wants a life for him free of judgment and humiliation, and he believes the only way that can happen is if he keeps his hands off of him … forever.
Jeff works to push images of his naked son out of his head, but no matter what he does depraved thoughts keep haunting him.

Kyle doesn’t understand why his dad barely looks at him anymore. He feels like the closeness they shared just days ago was all a lie.
He wants things to go back to the way they were, but he wants even more.

He’s dreamed of carrying his dad’s baby. But he’s afraid that’s all it will ever be … a dream.
Because Jeff says what they were doing was wrong, and that they can never be intimate again.

Can Jeff stop thinking about how much he wants his son?
Will Kyle ever get his wish of having his own baby and a happy family?
Can Jeff and Kyle still live together as father and son with the tension of everything that has already happened between them?

Sugar Daddy Book 2 is the second part of a three-part taboo mpreg series that involves blood incest, BDSM, male pregnancy, and scenes that mention non-consensual sex, sexual slavery, and sexual torture.

It has romantic themes but is not a romance.