Incest Slaves Book 1


Stan has worked with the prisoners in the subbasement for a while now.
But none of them have even come close to turning his head, or turning him on.

Now there are three new prisoners who have caught his eye. All three are young and incredibly hot, and they’re all brothers.

This series takes place in the same universe of all X. Collin’s taboo stories. You will meet new characters, but you will also see lots of reoccurring characters from others series, such as Impregnated by My Brother, Alpha Twincest, and Sugar Daddy. And you will become even more immersed in the world of the subbasement prison, the new warehouse where the prisoners and being trained, and The Dungeon. The BDSM club where the slaves are used on stage, sold to the highest bidder, or taken to private rooms to be used.

In this first book of the Incest Slaves series you will meet Lex, Jason, and Trevor … who are about to become Stan’s Incest Slaves.

This is the first book in a multi-part serial that includes blood incest between brothers, sex slavery, sex as punishment, non-consensual acts, and humiliation.