Incest Slaves Book 4: Trevor and Taylor


After the fourth brother, Taylor, shows up to purchase the three incest slaves, Stan can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen.

The problem is, his judgement is clouded.

He just can’t stop thinking about the two identical twin brothers, Trevor and Taylor …

and what they would look like together as his own personal slaves.

This story explores the relationship between twins Trevor and Taylor, but also delves even deeper into the underground prison where the incest slaves are being held.

This series takes place in the same universe of all X. Collin’s taboo stories. You will meet new characters, but you will also see lots of reoccurring characters from others series, such as Impregnated by My Brother, Alpha Twincest, and Sugar Daddy. And you will become even more immersed in the world of the subbasement prison, the new warehouse where the prisoners and being trained, and The Dungeon—the BDSM club where the slaves are used on stage, sold to the highest bidder, or taken to private rooms to be used.

This is the fourth book of the Incest Slaves series and includes sexual slavery, sexual torture, sex as punishment, non-consensual acts, blood incest between brothers, imprisonment, BDSM, and humiliation.

This story has romantic themes but is not a romance.