Portville Summer Series: The Complete Collection Books 1-4

Secrets, second chances, surprise omega status, and an unlikely pair …

this box set has it all.

Follow the journey of four omegas (Nate, Jeremy, Shane, and Brent) and four alphas (Brian, Alex, Austin, and Holden) …
four sets of fated mates who find each other, or return to each other … in the second four book set in the Portville Omegaverse series.

Nate and Brian – grew up as best friends but were torn apart. They’re reunited again, but can they see past their differences?

Alex and Jeremy – a Puerto Rican alpha and a self-proclaimed redneck who turns from beta to omega one fateful night.

Shane and Austin – a young student with secret desires, and his professor who has secrets of his own.

Brent and Holden – an affluent omega with a politician for a father runs into a hard-working, but poor alpha, with exciting results.

If you haven’t read all four books in the Portville Summer Series, then turn off your phone, get in bed, and spend the night with these eight men. Their stories will fulfill every secret dream, desire, and wish you’ve ever had … and give you even more naughty ideas after the lights go out.

At over 130,000 words, the Portville Summer Series Collection includes all four books of the series. If you like stories about incredibly hot men and the cute and cuddly babies they give birth to, then this series is for you. Due to many scenes with high levels of heat, this box set is only intended for adults over 18.