Sugar Daddy: A Dark M/M Age-Gap Romance

The darker the love … the sweeter the pain …

Bruce Anderson has a dark past. He was forced to move away and abandon all of his relationships when his lover, Marshall Grady, threatened to expose him in a fit of jealous rage. One of those relationships was with Jackson, Marshall’s son.

That was years ago, and Jackson is nineteen now. He’s in college and is trying to make a life on his own. It’s hard, though. He doesn’t have much money and is forced to live off of the help of others when he runs away from his controlling father.

When Jackson finally gets to know Bruce again after so many years, he’s thrilled, but he’s also scared because he has thoughts and feelings he can’t control. When he was younger he’d always thought of him as a father figure, and now he sees him as the kind of lover he desperately needs … a Daddy.

When Bruce takes Jackson into his home the tension becomes very intense, because Bruce has deep feelings for Jackson as well. Secret feelings he vows never to ever act on.

Jackson knows Marshall spied on him. He says it was to protect him from Bruce, but Jackson finds out that most of the things his dad told him about Bruce were lies. Bruce doesn’t dare tell Jackson everything though … because he knows full well there is some truth mixed in.

Bruce has dark desires that he has tried to suppress for years, but his secret feelings for Jackson bring them all up to the surface. He can’t stop thinking about the young man and all the things he wants to do to him. But the last thing Bruce wants is to hurt Jackson, who he used to mentor and care for.

The closer Bruce and Jackson become the harder it is to deny their deep connection. But Bruce cannot let himself go. He know’s if he loses his grip the sadistic Dom side of him will emerge and he will lose all control. He knows no matter how much Jackson begs and pleads he won’t be able to stop himself from his desire to inflict pain and suffering on the young man he loves so deeply.

Sugar Daddy: A Dark M/M Age-Gap Romance was previously published as Sugar Daddy: A Taboo Mpreg Series by X Collins, and has been extensively rewritten and edited. It is a dark romance of 44,000 words with themes of BDSM, humiliation, age-gap, and 24/7 relationships.