Tough Love: A Dark M/M Age-Gap Romance

The harder the punishment, the deeper the love …

All Ryan wants is to have some fun at a party with some college kids. It’s the summer before he starts in the fall, and he and his friend Jackson get invited to a frat party that they don’t want to miss.

The fun turns into dread when some cops arrest Ryan for an underage DUI, then take him down to the station.

Travis, the Chief of Police, has known Ryan for years. He was a close family friend, and has taken care of Ryan ever since his parents died in a car crash. For the last few years Travis has been everything to Ryan—father figure, brother-figure, and best friend. But now Travis wants more. He wants to keep Ryan and to possess him, but he also wants to share him.

Travis realizes Ryan’s arrest is the perfect excuse to punish him. And Travis has a very special punishment in mind. When Travis takes Ryan down to a secret, sub-basement lockup cell below the police precinct, he lets Ryan know exactly what is in store for him.

Tough Love: A Dark M/M Age-Gap Romance was previously published as Punished by My Brother by X Collins, and has been extensively rewritten and edited. It is a dark romance with themes of BDSM, humiliation, and 24/7 relationships.