Punished by My Brother

Welcome to the Dark Side of Portville

This page contains dark, taboo subject matter and is intended for open-minded adults over the age of 18

All James wants is to have some fun at a party with some college kids. It’s the summer before he starts in the fall, and he and his friend get invited to a frat party that they don’t want to miss. 

The fun turns into dread when some cops arrest James for an underage DUI, then take him down to the station where his brother is chief of police. 

Grant has taken care of James ever since their parents died in a car crash. He’s been everything to him, father figure, brother, best friend. But Grant wants more. He wants to keep James and to possess him, but he also wants to watch him being used by his cop friends. 

Grant realizes James’s arrest is the perfect excuse to punish his brother. And Grant has a very special punishment in mind. When Grant takes James down into his special, sub-basement lockup cell, he lets James know exactly what is in store for him.

This book includes blood incest between brothers, a dub-con gang bang, punishment, humiliation, knotting, and male pregnancy in a non-shifter m/m omegaverse. It has some romantic themes but is not a romance story.